Committee Members

Reta currently provides affordable, quality healthcare coverage for over 35,000 participants across the United States. We serve over 50 Catholic dioceses and institutions, including more than a thousand schools, hospitals, religious communities and other organizations in six states. Our members include lay employees and their families, priests, and members of religious orders.

We are a non-profit healthcare trust, subject to section 501(c)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code and ERISA regulations. The Trust operates solely to serve its members, and is open only to organizations listed in the Official Catholic Directory.

 Led by those we serve

Our members provide our leadership. The individual Trustor groups elect a Board of Trustees that governs all aspects of the Trust’s policies and operations, and oversees an annual budget that in 2009 exceeded $220 million.

The Board currently has four standing committees for appeals, audit, finance/investment, and governance. The Board and its committees work with Trustors and industry consultants to direct long-term strategy, oversee and daily operations, and ensure that the care we provide reflects current best practices and is as cost-effective as possible.

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